About Shopventory

What We Do

Shopventory is here to help small businesses thrive. Our software is made to empower companies to manage their inventory like a multi-national giant for a fraction of the price.

Who We Are

The Shopventory team is a scrappy, fun-loving tech startup, but with a humble attitude. We believe in questioning every process and proposal so the best ideas rise to the top. If you've got a better idea, we want to hear about it, even if it directly contradicts the CEO's last proposal. Bonus points for creativity.

Who We're Looking For

You are generally an awesome person. You're familiar with tech lingo, you've got a great, confident phone voice and your writing skills are way above average and surprisingly friendly. Ideally, you also speak (and write) Spanish, you've had prior experience in tech, and you've worked in a small business that manages inventory.

If that's you, we can't wait to meet!

Current openings