Account Development Representative

Denver, Colorado, United States · Sales · ADR


Shopventory exists to help businesses thrive by offering the analytics and optimization tools they need to make informed decisions. We're a total business solution, from ordering and receiving, to inventory controls, sales reporting and more.

Shopventory has received most of its customers from inbound sources, such as partnerships and referrals. We're now in a position where we want to set our sights outward and bring our solution to more businesses around the world.

As a Shopventory Account Development Representative, you'll be responsible for chasing down new opportunities wherever they may be. This will come in the form of nurturing inbound opportunities, cold calling new prospects, and working with management to create new outbound channels. You'll be directly responsible for the growth of Shopventory in this position.


The Ideal Candidate:

Perfect isn't possible, we know that. You'll struggle at first and make mistakes, but that's why we're looking to train and develop passionate people. Here are the traits we're looking for:

Bonus points for:

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